Monash Centre for Astrophysics


  • Five MoCA astrophysicists played an important role as part of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration in the first ever direct observation of a gravitational wave on 14 September 2015. Read more in the Monash news article.
  • George Angelou has been awarded a Highly Commended for the 2015 Charlene Heisler PhD thesis prize. The judges wanted to recognise George for his excellent research and for producing a comprehensive piece of work that is already having an impact in the field of evolved stars.
  • We are pleased to report that the ASA Council has appointed Daniel Price, Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow at MoCA to the role of PASA Editor-in-Chief.
  • In their new paper in the journal Science a team led by MoCA's Dr Maria Lugaro have dated the last events that contaminated the solar system material before the formation of the sun. Read the Monash news article or download the paper here.


Public talk - the dwarf planets of the Solar system

The dwarf planets of the Solar system
Dr Andrew Prentice (Monash University, Melbourne)

6:30pm, Thursday 18 August, 2016
Lecture Theatre S4, Monash Clayton Campus

Next colloquium

Mordehai Milgrom (Weizmann Institute)
"A new MOND law: a universal relation between the baryonic and `dynamical' surface densities in disc galaxies"

12:00pm, Tuesday 06 September
Rm. 110, building 27