Monash Centre for Astrophysics


  • Monash will be hosting the first town hall meeting on 14 Feb to provide input on the Astronomy Decadal Plan. The meeting will consist of two sessions for working group 1.2 "Stars and Planets", and working group 1.4 "High Energy and Fundamental Astrophysics". More details can be found here.
  • Congratulations to MoCA's Christoph Federrath for his paper, "On the universality of supersonic turbulence", being voted the ADS Article of the Year 2013!
  • Monash University's School of Physics is seeking a lecturer / senior lecturer (continuing) in either physics or astronomy. Details are available online at
  • MoCA is pleased to announce the latest recipients of the Kevin Westfold Distinguished Visitor Program for 2014. These are Prof. Bennet Link (Jan 2014), Dr. Claire Foullon (Jul 2014), and Dr. Chris Tout (Feb-Apr 2014).


Public Talk

Dr. Christopher Tout
"The Enigmatic Type IA Supernovae"

8pm, Wednesday 12 March
Lecture Theatre S3, Monash Clayton Campus

Next colloquium

Maria Lugaro (Monash University)
"Radioactive timing of the Solar System formation"

3pm, Tuesday 29 April
Maths, Rm. 345