Astronomy with Radioactivities VII

1st - 3rd March 2011*, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

(*Registration on the evening of the 28th of February and visit to the fairy penguins at sunset on the 3rd of March).

The scope of this workshop is to bring together:

  • Observers of radioactive isotopes, from stellar/radio/X-ray/gamma-ray spectroscopy, to cosmic rays and meteoritic isotope analysis

  • Theoreticians of cosmic nucleosynthesis in its wide variety, from supernova explosion and massive star to asymptotic giant branch stars, cosmic-ray, and binary systems, as well as cosmic chemical evolution

  • Experimentalists and theoreticians of nuclear reaction rates involving radioactive isotopes.

The driver for our discussions is to understand how nature forms the radioactive nuclei we observe and what are the effects of their presence in the universe. Topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to, observations of gamma rays from the decay of radioactive material, nuclear processes in stellar interiors, radioactivity-powered light from supernovae, neutrinos, positrons, and cosmic rays in the Galaxy, and meteoritic analysis showing the decay products of live radioactivities injected at the dawn of the solar system.

The Proceedings will be published in a suitable online format, within about two months after the workshop.

This series of workshops started in 1996 in Clemson, South Carolina (USA) as "The Radioactive Galaxy", and was later continued mostly at the Max Planck Society's Ringberg castle in the Bavarian alps (Germany) under the title of "Astronomy with Radioactivities". Starting from the discussions in these workshop, a review book on this theme has been recently assembled, published in August 2010 by Springer in its "Lecture Notes in Physics" series, as Issue 812.

Please express your interest in participating to this workshop before 31st August 2010 by sending an email to Roland Diehl. The registration and abstract submission deadline is the 31st January 2010 and there is a registration fee of AUD100 (AUD130 for later registration). Financial support is available to PhD students and young researcher (deadline for request is 30th November 2010).

We also draw your attention on the Twelfth International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry to be held in Wellington, New Zealand at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa (Te Papa) on 20-25 March 2011, two weeks after our Astronomy with Radioactivities workshop. If you are interested in attending this meeting as well, please get in touch with Toni Wallner as it may be possible to organise for guests who may wish to stay in the region for 3-4 weeks.

Finally, please note that airfares are at historic low rates for travel to Australia. New competitors on international legs, especially the Americas, has introduced competition and discount fares are readily found on the web. E.g., V Australia, LA to Australia currently from US$1129 return, and fares around 900 Euros can be found for travel from Europe.

For enquiries on logistic matters please contact Maria Lugaro.

Looking forward to meet at Phillip Island!

The Scientific Organising Committee

Roland Diehl (MPE, Garching)
Dieter Hartmann (Clemson University)
Nikos Prantzos (IAP, Paris)
Maria Lugaro (Monash University)

The Local Organising Committee

Maria Lugaro (Monash University)
Marie Newington (Monash University)